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About Junior Wright, Hollywood, CA

About Junior Wright

Junior Wright standing in front of notes and poster

Junior Wright, Hollywood, CA

was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  At age 15, he became interested in acting and he pursued theater.  He decided to put his dream on hold after a fatal car wreck nearly ended his life.

He went to school at UNC,  Charlotte.  While he was in school, he gave acting another shot and signed with a modeling and acting agency in Charlotte.  In addition, he began to develop his dancing abilities which eventually caught the attention of people in his college and at his agency. He is a self taught dancer taking on Hip-Hop and choreography. Later, he took formal training to learn other styles such as ballet and African American dancing while in school.

At the end of his college career, Junior Wright came to Los Angeles after his agent in North Carolina suggested that he pursue acting and dancing in a bigger market. However, he decided that he wanted to be known as more than just an actor and dancer.  Junior trained in opera as well as R&B.  His vocal teacher noticed his natural vocal talent and told him to pursue music further.  He also began to write his own music, which has led him to today with his first music video, ” Private Dancer.”  

At age 16 he was involved in a serious accident on the freeway that nearly killed him in North Carolina.  A vehicle “T-boned my car, and the Highway Patrolman said, ‘two more inches and you would have been dead.'”

For media interviews, videos and images please contact Junior Wright’s publicist at MAYO Communications, Hollywood, CA.  Aida Mayo or George McQuade III email: 

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